Clinical Internship

“It has been an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla as my externship supervisor. Dr. Shekhar’s extensive knowledge and practical experience of Ayurveda as well as current issues in conventional medicine have been invaluable in helping me to create effective recommendations for my externship clients. I especially appreciate Dr. Shekhar’s understanding of diverse cultures. My clients represent a significant cross section of the many ethnic cultures living here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Shekhar could quickly understand some of the cultural lifestyle constraints that would occasionally come up and helped me to find the appropriate solutions for my clients to apply Ayurveda to their lives while staying true to their own backgrounds. Sincerely, ”

Suzanna Sarasvati, Mount Madonna Institute, College of Ayurveda Class of 2008-2009

“Recently I had the pleasure of being a student of Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute under the tutorship of Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla. Not only were his lectures and teaching style friendly, informative and full of experiential knowledge, Dr Shekhar made good on his promises to continue our education process by being available to answer questions and requests long after our classes were completed. This accessibility has made him one of our favorite teachers and is a remarkable testament to his dedication toward spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda in the West.”

Raven Jones, Mt. Madonna College of Ayurveda, Watsonville, California

"Dear. Dr. Shekhar, I wish to express my gratitude and joy at having you as my supervisor during my internship program. It has been a great pleasure to have your knowledge and expertise in a one on one setting. You have provided me with a deeper understanding of the study of Ayurveda, challenging me to consider many aspects of a client consultation, and helping me to develop & construct a well-rounded assessment. You recognize and readily praise my strengths yet equally steer my weaknesses in the right direction. I feel prompted to expand and grow confident in my own knowledge and awareness. Your teaching style is both professional yet approachable. It is clear that you have unlimited enthusiasm for supporting the students. I'm happy that Mount Madonna in able to count you as faculty and I know that your contribution is an asset to the program."

Kalena O'Meally, CPFT , Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, California

"Dr. Shekhar is my advisor for my externship. I very much look forward to my calls with Dr. Shekhar. I appreciate his strong intuitive sense while advising me on my client’s health plans. Dr. Shekhar has illuminating perspectives and his enthusiastic attitude makes him very approachable. Overall, I had a very positive & professional experience in which I was encouraged to be well-rounded in my approach to treating clients. I was acknowledged for my strengths and encouraged to build in areas overlooked. Thank you Dr. Shekhar for your time and support! Sincerely,"

Diana de Piñeres, Mount Madonna Institute’s College of Ayurveda, San Francisco, CA

"Dear Dr. Shekhar, I want to thank you for giving me so much support with my initial consultations for externship clients. The feedback you gave was great. With each client we discussed I learned new things and saw how you honed in on what was really key to making a program which will work for the client. I appreciate the practical perspective you bring to this task and the little suggestions that really help make the program customized and appropriate to the client. I feel confident I can give the program to the client and have them feel excited about their lifestyle changes and have them gain new understanding of how they are impacting their own health with certain habits and how the environment can be changed to create more support for them. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in the clients and what the follow-ups will be like."

Christine Tykeson, LMT, Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, California

"Dear Dr. Shekhar - Thank You! So much for all your time and attention during the internship program. I found my consultations with you to be so informative. Your ability to help guide me to find the root source of imbalance with my clients was so effective. You explained so clearly how to communicate and navigate challenging subjects with my clients. Your patience, knowledge & experience have been an invaluable asset in my journey to being an effective Ayurvedic practitioner. Thank You Deeply and Sincerely,"

Pilar Chandler HHP, LMT, Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, California

"Dear Dr. Shekhar ~ Thank you for your guidance and wealth of knowledge that you shared during this internship. I really appreciate how dedicated you were to being available to us at any time of the day and your enthusiasm throughout this process! Your mentorship has greatly prepared me to begin my Ayurvedic practice. Namaste."

Danielle Knight, Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, Santa Cruz, California

"During my time at MMI, I had the unique opportunity to learn from an Ayurvedic master, Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla. Although Dr. Shekhar began as my supervisor for our internship and externship program, his time and efforts extended beyond, to prove him a dedicated and amazing mentor. Dr.Shekhar’s door is always open for ayurvedic advice and his friendly demeanor, cheerful smile and loving heart extends to each of his students and his patients. He has the patience of a saint and teaches you not only to treat a patient, but to care for the person and to listen to your inner wisdom. I greatly appreciate all of Dr. Shekhar’s expertise, time and talent in guiding me throughout my clinical training at MMI. I look forward to further learning from Dr. Shekhar on his incredible clinical internship in India in 2010. I am blessed to have him as a mentor and a friend. Namaste,"

Julie A. Cerrato, PhD, CYT, AP, CAT, Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda