"Shekhar has the bedside manner of your best friend. He listens patiently with a cheerful demeanor, while showing unusual enthusiasm in wanting to
solve my problems. His Ayurvedic remedies have greatly improved my energy level, digestion process, and elimination process. I eagerly anticipate being his patient for years to come and feel truly grateful I have met him."

Vincent Morello, PA

"Dr. Annambhotla is obviously someone who cares very deeply about good health, diet and Ayurvedic medical principles. As a patient with Hepatitis C, I have called on him regularly for advice and consultation, which he has given enthusiastically and freely. I look forward to a long, healing relationship".

Steve Knox, Teacher, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

"Knowing Dr. Shekhar as an Ayurvedic physician and as a person was all the most rewarding. His advises on the way to follow Nature's rhythm complemented with some herbal food supplements brought peace and tranquillity to my mind and has dissolved allergic disorders deeply rooted in me"

Francesc Garriga, PhD (Molecular Genetics), Barcelona, Spain

"After seeing Dr. Shekhar for just a few months my seasonal allergies are completely eliminated!! Normally I am very challenged this time of year and not able to go outdoors. Now I am enjoying daily outdoor hikes and am able to spend many hours in nature without a single sneeze"

A. Morris Bloomsburg, PA.

"Dr. Shekhar made me realize the importance of Ayurveda. In short "It is a priceless gift, which I will follow forever and will share." The knowledge of Ayurveda is not new for me however. Ignored the importance so far, but after meeting Dr. Shekhar I realized the importance and how valuable it is to follow. "It's easy and it works"

Satyen Kasturi, Pennsylvania

"When I first came to Dr.Shekhar I had extremely low energy (could hardly walk from my car to his door), had significant mucous, extreme respiratory problems - coughing so badly that I couldn't sleep at night, earache, dizziness, and trembling. My throat was burning and irritated. I couldn't work for several weeks. After taking the herbs, oils that Dr. Shekhar gave me for only 2 weeks my energy level was almost back to normal. I was given up yard work. My symptoms have been steadily improving every day and I am full of enthusiasm and vitality. It is quite amazing - this significant change in my health. But what is also amazing is how easy it was to do. Just take the herbs as directed - with no change in my diet. I am looking forward to the next step - detox; for further cleansing. What I have liked about working with Dr. Shekhar is that he is willing to take the time for me to understand the condition of my body and how the herbs work to balance my body. I also like that he is happy to discuss any issues in between appointments. He is a true physician - very skilled, caring and healing - qualities I have rarely found in any other doctor. I am going to bring all my children to him next."

Anonymous, Pennsylvania

"When I came to see Shekhar, I had numerous complaints. I was not sleeping through the night and my caffeine consumption had escalated due to my insomnia. Concentrating during the day had become a chore, energy levels were irregular, and I had felt so "out of balance" for such a long time that I began to accept it as "normal". After our initial consultation, I went home and was willing to follow the simple suggestions and take the herbs that Shekhar had given to me. Slowly, I became aware of what I was eating, what I was doing, and my thoughts and my habits. Within that first month I started to sleep straight through the night without waking, which was something I had not done for many years. I started making better choices in the foods that I ate and how I consumed them. Going through life without noticing was how I typically lived. After my consultations with Shekhar I can say there have been tremendous changes that have occurred. I sleep better, concentration is improved, energy levels are more balanced, and my caffeine consumption has decreased by more than half (and, oh, how I tried to let go of that one for years!). I even want to eat healthier foods. This has been the first spring that I have not had to seek out medical attention for a respiratory infection that usually happens with the changes of season. I gradually stopped taking my thyroid and insulin medication, which my general doctor, with amazement, had also approved of. I am continuing to look forward to a better and healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I am excited about the changes I have made and look forward to continued progress toward a happier, healthier, more peaceful lifestyle through my ongoing consultations with Shekhar"

Nancy George, Reading, PA