Cooking Classes

"Dr. Shekhar's willingness to patiently explain what and why he was doing. The course was well thought out and organized."

Chef, Boston, MA

"The fun and joy, good company - fascinating information. Ease of food preparation. I truly enjoy Shekhar's light approach and sense of humor. The smells were wonderful and the taste even better."

F.B.S., Reading, PA

"Enjoyed the informative explanations of how food affects the different doshas."

T.K. Knouse, Reading, PA

"Learning how to prepare the wonderful and delicious dishes. Eating the wonderful foods. I found the class to be very inspiring to prepare Ayurvedic foods for my family. I also appreciated the suggestions to make preparation of foods easier."

Susan, Orefield, PA

"Very personal and friendly. Good food for the body and mind."

B.G., Bethlehem, PA

"I enjoyed the food preparation, conversation, delicious smells and interesting tastes. My love of Indian food is heightened once again by learning how to make some of these things. I liked watching the preparation since I cook nearly daily."

S.E.M., Bethlehem, PA

"Informal, friendly atmosphere, great food, very informative. It loved it all!"

Amy Morris, Bloomsburg, PA

"Learning healthier ways to eat and a new perspective on foods."

L.M., Ringwood, NJ

"Casual, friendliness, no rigidity, the class flowed nicely."

Andrew DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

"Cooking class participation, I also was very impressed with Shekhar's knowledge of Ayurveda. I just really want to learn more!"

C.P., Downingtown, PA

"I feel comfortable with you and your explanations. I am comfortable to ask questions."

B. K., West Chester, PA

"Love the presentation filled with knowledge but presented in a simple way. It helps me to realize that cooking can be joyful and simple and can aspire to have wonderful health. Thank you for opening a new door for me"

Charo Cabello, West Chester, PA

"I liked the hands-on preparing meals with the group. I love the information Shekhar is willing to share. The theory is always wonderful and easy to assimilate."

Paula DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

"Cooking presentation was fantastic! Presentation was very informative."

Penny Williams, Millington, PA

"Hands-on + community of small group setting. Very integrated learning with moments of laughing, cooking, eating and sharing. Shekhar's energ-ee or ener-ghee - so beautiful to be around."

Padmasri, Berkeley Heights, NJ

"I very much liked the hands-on cooking and seeing how doable Ayurvedic knowledge is to bring into my life. Like Yoga I can imagine gently introducing the Ayurvedic practices in my life style for the rest of my days."

Julia Dillman, West Chester, PA

"Loved the recipes, loved the explanations given for ingredients used in each dish, especially if it had medicinal value, instructor's enthusiasm and love for healthy living is infectious - makes you want to work at it."

Anonymous, Madison, NJ

"The food went well together and gave me a feeling of energy! The recipes to take home."

Kelly Halverson, PA

"Interesting combination and tasty"


"I was very pleased with the simplicity of the recipes. Ingredients used are healthy, easy to find, and cost efficient. Dishes were not time consuming."

K. Z. Bethlehem, PA

"In the past I have been intimidated by my Indian cookbooks. Your cooking class gave me the opportunity to "make friends" with new textures, tastes and spices. I learned that Indian cooking can be fast, simple and fun & Delicious! "Zing!" "

Lori Ziegler, Plymouth meeting, PA

"Eating & Learning with hands on experience."

Erin Follweiler, Orefield, PA

"Thank you for putting together the booklet with the recipes and room to write notes. The class was fantastic and the food delicious. It was beneficial to see you go through the cooking steps and for us to also participate."

Valerie Morton, New Tripoli, PA

"Delicious and delightful! My body feels relaxed and nourished. The mind has been fed good information."

Lisa Bryan, Allentown, PA

"Hands on demonstration / tasting, greater awareness about the Ayurveda health benefits to cooking / eating."

Marian Bressner, Allentown, PA

"Good information, Good flavors, Good company."

Carol Iannantuono, PA

"Demonstration and giving us a hand at cooking our own pancake; the food!"

Kelly Halverson, PA

"Cheerfulness of presenter, learning about Ayurvedic food preparation, size of group, delicious food, an atmosphere of cheerful and positive regard for students."

Vincent Morello, Phoenixville, PA

"Pleasant, enjoyable, humorous attitude while you were teaching us how to cook in healthy way."

P.M., Phoenixville, PA

"The eating together at the end! The explanation of the food's properties as applied to your health."

K.C., Allentown, PA

"He is the best. I liked the simple approach to cooking. Food was wonderful!"

Mary, Milford, NJ

"The food was delicious and seemed easy to prepare."

K.H., Bethlehem, PA

"The presentation was very personable and easy to follow. I enjoyed the food tremendously. Thank you very much for the chance to participate. It was an excellent workshop. Keep up the great work."

Christopher A. Krause, Allentown, PA

"Hands on experience, easy to follow along with recipes printed. I was able to take notes. The meal at the end was the best."

Judy M. Wolfe, PA

"Presentation was magnificent. The food was excellent. The other people were a delight."

D.M.W., Newtown Square, PA