Lectures on Ayurveda

"It was very informative for someone with little knowledge of the subject."

Jenny Stout, Kutztown, PA

"Great information...a lot to think about."

Christina Candio, Allentown, PA

"Knowing the three types and those energies and how they are synchronized with the times of the day."

Padma Yadavalli, Marlboro, NJ

"The opportunity to smile and laugh. Your explanations were very easy to understand and also to want to practice."

Anna, Pennsylvania

"Easy presentation relates well with oriental medicine - love the knowing of our connections in food / nature and body."

Ondrea Johnson, Bethlehem, PA

"Dr. Annambhotla's personal experience applying Ayurvedic concepts in his life and that of his patients."


"Very informative, great Powerpoint presentation."


"It was a thorough introduction to the overall concept of Ayurveda."

Molly Priest Finley, Pennsylvania

"It gave me a deeper knowledge of the Ayurvedic way."

L.M. Pennsylvania

"You are very knowledgeable. The presentation was clear and informative, and yet presenting style is very friendly and personable."

Anitra Lahiri, New Hope, PA

"Good general basic background information. Easy to understand a topic I only knew a little about. Gave me a lot to think about!"

R.M. Pennsylvania

"Your knowledge and company of everyone and life stage and how it is so true."

S.B, Easton, PA

Reinforcement of self-care and awareness"

M.L. Bethlehem, PA

"Very informative, regarding when to eat, what to eat - about seasonal diet - makes sense. Discussion of different personalities - individual Rx."

Jeannette Alsoi, Coopersburg, PA