Marma Therapy

"It is very fortunate for me to have found the Marma therapy course taught by an authentically trained Ayurvedic doctor within a drivable distance. Shekhar Annambhotla clearly displayed his vast experience in this science and presented the course in a manner where we could easily understand. The teaching wasn't just limited to the course; he continued to guide and advise me in my studies after the course."

Vimala Upadhyayula, New York

"The Marma Therapy Course gave me an excellent opportunity to learn about the Marma points. Shekhar's teaching style and format made this course an enjoyable experience. I am successfully using the knowledge I gained from the course in my work with clients. "

Neeraj Lal, Pennsylvania

"I want to thank you for the Marma Class. I am amazed that we walked out of a 2 day class being able to recite all 107 marmas from memory. What I appreciate about your classes is that you bring all the senses into the learning process from repeating the info, to pointing to the parts on our bodies and others, to reading the info and to listening to stories that drive the material home. Your humor, stories, dedication to Ayurveda, and chai tea always help to make a long day fly by. When possible, I would take any class you offered! Best regards"

Lisa Westerfield, Pennsylvania

"Shekhar's Marma Therapy Workshop allowed me to learn the names and locations of all of the marma points. It has been a great foundation for understanding and using marma points therapeutically. I appreciated his genuine kindness and helpful guidance."

Susanne Murtha, New York

"The Marma Point Therapy class taught by Shekhar was very educational. The Marma points were explained and demonstrated by Shekhar. The energy and physiology of each point were explained. The program was divided into two days. The 107 marma points were covered. Shekhar divided the marma points into areas such as head, extremities, trunk, and back. He gave us enough time to learn pronunciation, location, use, and massage technique. We were able to practice on each other as well as having Shekhar’s demonstration on each of us. I felt confident in practicing after taking this class. The booklet provided is a wonderful reference for incorporating marma point massage into my Ayurvedic practice. Shekhar is a wonderful teacher and ensures that his students understand the concepts and feel comfortable with the material presented."

Suzanne Maio, New York