"This was my first experience with Ayurvedic massage and body work. I feel relaxed and grounded. Energized! Marma points - that the places that hurt the most are where my energy is blocked. Also that Dr. Shekhar realized from how I carry my body reflects my mind. I am going to remember that how I carry my body governs how my mind feels to feel open, strong and active. I must not hunch my shoulders and hang my neck."

Sandy, PA

"It helps me be more aware of my body and spirit. It also helps me relax and feel better physically."

Julie, PA

"I thought that each phase of this experience was so powerful. I especially liked laying on the floor and having my body release tension (that I didn't even know I had!) before beginning the massage. That allowed me to have a much deeper release a more powerful experience during the massage. Dr. Shekhar's prayer and blessing at the beginning of the session also allowed
me to soften into the massage that my body could let go of layers of layers of deeply stoned tension. His gentle touch combined with his strong hands,the smell of the oils, the warmth of the oil on my body, and the vigorous kneading of muscles and Marma Points - all of these there resulted in my experiencing the deepest and most relaxing, most powerful massage I have ever had. I gained a better understanding of the tension stored in my body and yoga and Ayurveda work together to support us on this journey to awakening. I also experienced very quiet mind and the state of meditation at the end of the session - that is always life-changing."

Karen C. Binghamton, NY

"I hope this note finds you in good health and with all being well with you and the family. I just wanted to say thank you! The body massage was so relaxing and soothing. I don't know why I did not do this sooner. I became more mentally focused and so relaxed that it inadvertently changed by relationships with those who are close to me. I can't wait for my next appointment. See you soon. Warmest Regards"

Adjoa, PA

"My experience with Pancha Karma was life changing! I haven't felt this good in over ten years. For the past ten years I have not been able to tolerate vegetables (even when cooked) or fruits. I have extreme difficulty with elimination, very constipated and recently much joint pain. My abdomen was so bloated I could hardly fit into my clothes. Also I craved sweets, especially when stressed, which is often. Dr. Shekhar is amazing!! He worked extremely hard to eliminate the toxins from my body. He tailored a program for me and my needs. I began to see results by day two. Elimination began to go smoothly, my abdomen is no longer bulging, and my joints are no longer bothering me. My eyes are not as dry and the lines in my brow are disappeared. My husband says I look good! I can enjoy vegetables and fruits - no more cramping or extreme gas and gas pain. I have more energy in the morning and all day. I was so relaxed Dr. Shekhar almost had to peel me off the table. Dr. Shekhar put his heart and soul into the preparation of meals every day. The food was excellent and satisfying and my craving of sugar has vanished. Dr. Shekhar performs the most amazing deep tissue massage I've ever experienced, again putting heart and energy into the healing of the body. Thank you for getting me on the path to healing and good health. I look forward to continuing the healing journey with you. Namaste."

Valerie, PA

"Shekhar has the bedside manner of your best friend. He listens patiently with a cheerful demeanor, while showing unusual enthusiasm in wanting to solve my problems. His Ayurvedic remedies have greatly improved my energy level, digestion process, and elimination process. I eagerly anticipate being his patient for years to come and feel truly grateful I have met him."

Vince, PA

"I am so relieved. My back feels so loose and at ease. No more achy-ness, or queasiness. Feels so good to not have that. Now I realize how tightly I've been holding it, my hips ached too, now that is gone. There is an ease in walking I've not had in a while. So many thanks for your treatment. My back is still wonderfully oily...I won't want to shower that away tomorrow! You are a good son!!!!!!!!!!!!! Namaste,"

Linnea, PA

"I wanted to let you know that I feel great since starting the herbs. I had a full period for the first time in 6 months and I have been going to the bathroom regularly in the mornings, also for the first time in my life!! My tongue is looking a bit cleaner. Thank you again so much for your help."

Laney, Hawaii

"I thank you so much for the care and treatment you gave to me this week as part of my Pancha Karma treatment. You have so much knowledge, which you are also so able to share with humor and wit. Your kind and caring disposition makes you an excellent doctor. I feel privileged to have a consultation with you. I know Kripalu and other guests are lucky to have you. I appreciate also your careful attention to my situation. Your ability to pick out that, I needed to calm my nervous system. That means perfect sense to me. I hope all goes well for you on your days and weeks ahead and that I won your path again. Many thanks..."

Fran Henry, MA

"I enjoyed the massage and steam very much, my body was so relaxed afterwards that it wouldn't let my mind go too fast. Also, I did not experience any night sweats last night during sleep, it was wonderful."

Barbara, PA

"Thank you so much for your time and energy yesterday. It was very good to see you and I enjoyed our session very much. It was so generous of you to share your lunch with me and very much a surprise. Thank you for taking care of all of me! I know you said to take a bath with epsom salts when I got home, but I took a shower instead. I felt so relaxed when I got out of the shower that I laid down on my bed on my back and fell asleep for 30 to 40 minutes. I never sleep on my back, ever! So, that's how tired I was. I felt very invigorated and energized when I woke up and enjoyed the rest of my evening. I'm excited to keep going on this track. Thank you again for all of your support. I am feeling very encouraged about the path I'm on and about doing the work needed to stick to it."

Sandy, PA

"I am truly thankful for your accurate and competent medicines. My mom first time looked at a Doctor with faith and tried the medicines from yesterday! I massaged her shoulder and knees yesterday evening. She woke up without pain in her right arm for the first time in months! She had no side reactions (laxative effects/ dizziness/ abnormal feelings, etc) . I am very thankful to you and your knowledge to detect the problem of your patients. After few days, we will call you to inform her progress. We are very happy to see the good results from the first day. I hope she gets well soon. Again, thank you very much Dr. Shekhar for your kind and special service to us. Specially thank you for the kind discount that you gave us. Wish you good luck for your future and for helping the communities. Have a nice day. Thanking you, yours truly,"

Amee, PA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment. I appreciated the time that you took with me, as well as the kind and supportive words of encouragement and support as I released so much. You targeted directly the regions that needed the most help in a powerful, balanced, and nurturing fashion. Namaste."

Christy, NY

"I recently had a 12 day Pancha Karma experience that was set up and carried out by Dr. Shekhar. It was a very good experience because of the excellent care that I received. There were many positive things that happened and they happened because Dr. Shekhar was organized, diligent about answering questions and explaining things to me, and consistent about calling my home to see if I needed anything. Everything was handled in a kind and gentle manor. The treatments I received were done well. I loved the oil massages and new things that I got to try! Dr. Shekhar cooked lunch for me and each meal was delicious! It made me interested in his way of cooking and I will follow that up by attending one of his cooking classes. In the meantime, I'm experimenting at home. I notice some positive changes in my skin, my pulse is slower and I feel more peaceful, and, of course, the bowel movements/digestion seem to have improved."

Cheryl, PA

"Dear Dr. Shekhar, I wanted to truly thank you for the time you took to administer the Panchakarma therapy this past June. I would have never thought an Ayurvedic Doctor of your qualifications and experience would be found in Eastern Pennsylvania. I have had numerous improvements in my health since the treatments concluded. The most pronounced and remarkable being in the quality of my sleep. I believe this to be related to the amazing Shirodhara therapy where the warm aromatic herbal oil slowly was drizzled on my forehead. During each session, I found myself melting into unconsciousness after just a few minutes. After thorough discussion with you, I am convinced that Shirodhara is one of the quickest ways for a layperson to enter into a meditative state and/or change the brainwave patterns into the more relaxed Alpha/Theta state. In the west this can be difficult. Even spending much time meditating can not lead to the desired results, as the western mind can be like an unruly disobedient child, difficult to calm. I also believe the application of Shirodhara for people suffering from sleep problems and insomnia to have excellent potential- especially for those seeking a safe alternative from the dangerous and habit forming synthetics. Dr. Shekhar, please continue with the great work you are doing. I look forward to seeing you in India in January.

Gabriel Lynch, PA