Women’s Health

"The setting - informal/friendly/comfortable environment - loved the tea/dates (Thank you). Liked the fact that we were able to ask questions - and have them answered! Knowledgeable instructor - presented in laymen terms."

Cathryn Ortiz, Wyomissing, PA

"I liked the whole course and would like to learn more. Am interested in taking the year course and getting a certificate."

Pamela Reeves, Reading, PA

"Loved the ideas for everyday application - a gentle approach."

Amy Morris, Bloomsburg, PA

"Overall very informative."

Anonymous, PA

"Information very interesting and new to me."

D.P., Bloomsburg, PA

"A wealth of practical ideas you can implement. Inspirational!"

Ginny Mazzei, Benton, PA

"Course material was very interesting and well presented. I can't wait to incorporate the information into my daily life!"

Vicki Davenport, Bloomsburg, PA

"Learning about the Doshas and hearing of the times of day they are present and suggestions on a healthier way to eat, sleep and live."

S.P.D., PA

"The simplicity of knowledge presented, the categories."

Lynn Runge, Bloomsburg, PA

"Explanation of what Ayurveda means. It was a good introduction to a new way to think about a healthy life style."

M.G., New Tripoli, PA

"Topic information clearly presented. Lots of information. I felt the information shared was relevant to my current life cycle. I came away with many suggestions to help my transitional stage of life. Great. Thanks."

K.A., Lenhartsville, PA

"I enjoyed the whole course. It was joyfully taught and I found it to be easily assimilated. Wonderful information to help clarify Vata, Pitta, Kapha and remedies that are simple to add for Women's health and longevity."

Paula DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

"It was a strong reinforcement and repetition to Swamini Mayatitananda's Wise Earth School, which I went to early October. Encouraged me to deepen my commitment to myself and my Sadhana".

Julia Kay Dillman, West Chester, PA

"So Comprehensive."

Linnea Jepsen, Wyomissing, PA