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“Since 2008, Dr. Shekhar has helped me with a number of issues starting with significant food insensitivities and interstitial cystitis. The remedies that conventional medicine offered for these issues weren’t satisfactory. At one point, I hadn’t knowingly eaten wheat, dairy and a whole host of other foods for two years. By following a seasonal cleanse he recommended along with a course of herbs, I was able to introduce many foods into my diet. At some point, I underwent panchakarma with Dr. S. and saw even more improvement. Presently, I’m able to anything I want. I highly recommend Dr. Shekhar.” – Lisa Wersterfield, New York

“The Ayurveda Wellness Center is the place to go to with any health issue. I went for a Pancha Karma treatment/cleanse which took care of all my issues at that time. Dr. SHEKHAR is devoted, loving, caring and a master in knowledge of Ayurveda and health. I’ll go back anytime I have an issue”. – Ilse Oliver, California

“I always have excellent experience and very happy with the service. Doing Panchkarma with Dr. Shekhar and continuing using supplements have been extremely helpful for me. Dr. Shekhar is one of the best Ayurvedic doctor. All in all, I feel so blessed that I found Dr. Shekhar and I highly recommend him”. – Sunil Sharma, Cary, North Carolina

“I recently had an amazing experience at the Ayurvedic Wellness Center- Ojas for a Panchakarma treatment, and I cannot recommend this place enough! From start to finish, my journey towards rejuvenation and balance was nothing short of exceptional. The moment I walked into the center, I was greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dr. Shekhar was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, making me feel comfortable and at ease throughout my entire stay. The Panchakarma treatment itself was truly transformative. Under the guidance of Dr. Shekhar, the personalized treatment plan was tailored to address my specific needs and imbalances. He took the time to thoroughly understand my health history, concerns, and goals, which gave me confidence that I was in good hands. The detoxification and purification process during Panchakarma left me feeling revitalized and refreshed. The traditional therapies, including Abhyanga, Shirodhara, and Swedana, were not only incredibly relaxing but also had a profound effect on my overall well-being. I could feel the accumulated stress and toxins leaving my body, and my mind became clearer and more focused. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Shekhar went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and answer any questions I had. He provided valuable guidance on post-treatment care and lifestyle adjustments, which has continued to benefit me even after leaving the center. As an Ayurvedic student myself, I was thrilled to discover that the Ayurvedic Wellness Center not only offers exceptional treatments but also provides an outstanding learning opportunity. During my Panchakarma experience, I had the privilege of receiving one-on-one training and education from the renowned Ayurvedic expert, Dr. Shekhar. His vast knowledge, passion for Ayurveda, and patient teaching style made my stay even more enriching. I was able to deepen my understanding of Ayurvedic principles, learn about various herbs and their therapeutic uses, and witness firsthand the application of ancient healing techniques. Dr. Shekhar’s mentorship was invaluable, and I feel truly blessed to have had this unique opportunity to learn from a master practitioner. The combination of personalized treatment and individualized education truly sets this wellness center apart and makes it an ideal destination for both those seeking rejuvenation and Ayurvedic enthusiasts like. I will cherish this experience forever and will undoubtedly return in the future. If you’re seeking authentic Ayurvedic treatments and a place to revitalize your mind, body, and soul, this wellness center should be at the top of your list. Thank you to Dr. Shekhar for his dedication and expertise in bringing this ancient healing tradition to life in such a beautiful way! – Mary Scannel, Florida

“I came to Dr. Shekhar because I needed to have a cleanse after giving birth and breast feeding. I had done 3 Pancha karmas before (including two in India). I found him to be very open and clear about his program. I never done ayurvedic massage from a man before, but felt very comfortable and safe. I think his diagnosis of my imbalance was correct and the herbs provided helped me clear some blocks. I felt very rejuvenated after the treatment. I would recommend Dr. Shekhar! – AT – Maryland”

“Dr. Shekhar has the bedside manner of your best friend. He listens patiently with a cheerful demeanor, while showing unusual enthusiasm in wanting to solve my problems. His Ayurvedic remedies have greatly improved my energy level, digestion process, and elimination process. I eagerly anticipate being his patient for years to come and feel truly grateful I have met him.” Vincent Morello,PhD, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Annambhotla is obviously someone who cares very deeply about good health, diet and Ayurvedic medical principles. As a patient with Hepatitis C, I have called on him regularly for advice and consultation, which he has given enthusiastically and freely. I look forward to a long, healing relationship”. Steve Knox, Teacher, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

“Knowing Dr. Shekhar as an Ayurvedic physician and as a person was all the most rewarding. His advises on the way to follow Nature’s rhythm complemented with some herbal food supplements brought peace and tranquillity to my mind and has dissolved allergic disorders deeply rooted in me” Francesc Garriga, PhD (Molecular Genetics), Barcelona, Spain

“After seeing Dr. Shekhar for just a few months my seasonal allergies are completely eliminated!! Normally I am very challenged this time of year and not able to go outdoors. Now I am enjoying daily outdoor hikes and am able to spend many hours in nature without a single sneeze” – Amy Morris Bloomsburg, PA.

“Dr. Shekhar made me realize the importance of Ayurveda. In short “It is a priceless gift, which I will follow forever and will share.” The knowledge of Ayurveda is not new for me however. Ignored the importance so far, but after meeting Dr. Shekhar I realized the importance and how valuable it is to follow. “It’s easy and it works” – Satyen Kasturi, Pennsylvania

“When I first came to Dr.Shekhar I had extremely low energy (could hardly walk from my car to his door), had significant mucous, extreme respiratory problems – coughing so badly that I couldn’t sleep at night, earache, dizziness, and trembling. My throat was burning and irritated. I couldn’t work for several weeks. After taking the herbs, oils that Dr. Shekhar gave me for only 2 weeks my energy level was almost back to normal. I was given up yard work. My symptoms have been steadily improving every day and I am full of enthusiasm and vitality. It is quite amazing – this significant change in my health. But what is also amazing is how easy it was to do. Just take the herbs as directed – with no change in my diet. I am looking forward to the next step – detox; for further cleansing. What I have liked about working with Dr. Shekhar is that he is willing to take the time for me to understand the condition of my body and how the herbs work to balance my body. I also like that he is happy to discuss any issues in between appointments. He is a true physician – very skilled, caring and healing – qualities I have rarely found in any other doctor. I am going to bring all my children to him next.” Anonymous, Pennsylvania

“When I came to see Shekhar, I had numerous complaints. I was not sleeping through the night and my caffeine consumption had escalated due to my insomnia. Concentrating during the day had become a chore, energy levels were irregular, and I had felt so “out of balance” for such a long time that I began to accept it as “normal”. After our initial consultation, I went home and was willing to follow the simple suggestions and take the herbs that Shekhar had given to me. Slowly, I became aware of what I was eating, what I was doing, and my thoughts and my habits. Within that first month I started to sleep straight through the night without waking, which was something I had not done for many years. I started making better choices in the foods that I ate and how I consumed them. Going through life without noticing was how I typically lived. After my consultations with Shekhar I can say there have been tremendous changes that have occurred. I sleep better, concentration is improved, energy levels are more balanced, and my caffeine consumption has decreased by more than half (and, oh, how I tried to let go of that one for years!). I even want to eat healthier foods. This has been the first spring that I have not had to seek out medical attention for a respiratory infection that usually happens with the changes of season. I gradually stopped taking my thyroid and insulin medication, which my general doctor, with amazement, had also approved of. I am continuing to look forward to a better and healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I am excited about the changes I have made and look forward to continued progress toward a happier, healthier, more peaceful lifestyle through my ongoing consultations with Shekhar” – Nancy George, Reading, PA

“This was my first experience with Ayurvedic massage and bodywork. I feel relaxed and grounded. Energized! Marma points – that the places that hurt the most are where my energy is blocked. Also that Dr. Shekhar realized from how I carry my body reflects my mind. I am going to remember that how I carry my body governs how my mind feels to feel open, strong and active. I must not hunch my shoulders and hang my neck.” Sandy, PA

“It helps me be more aware of my body and spirit. It also helps me relax and feel better physically.” Julie, PA

“I thought that each phase of this experience was so powerful. I especially liked laying on the floor and having my body release tension (that I didn’t even know I had!) before beginning the massage. That allowed me to have a much deeper release a more powerful experience during the massage. Dr. Shekhar’s prayer and blessing at the beginning of the session also allowed me to soften into the massage that my body could let go of layers of deeply stoned tension. His gentle touch combined with his strong hands, he smell of the oils, the warmth of the oil on my body, and the vigorous kneading of muscles and Marma Points – all of these there resulted in my experiencing the deepest and most relaxing, most powerful massage I have ever had. I gained a better understanding of the tension stored in my body and yoga and Ayurveda works together to support us on this journey to awakening. I also experienced a very quiet mind and the state of meditation at the end of the session – that is always life-changing.” Karen C. Binghamton, NY

“I hope this note finds you in good health and with all being well with you and the family. I just wanted to say thank you! The body massage was so relaxing and soothing. I don’t know why I did not do this sooner. I became more mentally focused and so relaxed that it inadvertently changed by relationships with those who are close to me. I can’t wait for my next appointment. See you soon. Warmest Regards” Adjoa, PA

“My experience with Pancha Karma was life changing! I haven’t felt this good in over ten years. For the past ten years I have not been able to tolerate vegetables (even when cooked) or fruits. I have extreme difficulty with elimination, very constipated and recently much joint pain. My abdomen was so bloated I could hardly fit into my clothes. Also, I craved sweets, especially when stressed, which is often. Dr. Shekhar is amazing!! He worked extremely hard to eliminate the toxins from my body. He tailored a program for me and my needs. I began to see results by day two. Elimination began to go smoothly, my abdomen is no longer bulging, and my joints are no longer bothering me. My eyes are not as dry and the lines in my brow are disappeared. My husband says I look good! I can enjoy vegetables and fruits – no more cramping or extreme gas and gas pain. I have more energy in the morning and all day. I was so relaxed Dr. Shekhar almost had to peel me off the table. Dr. Shekhar put his heart and soul into the preparation of meals every day. The food was excellent and satisfying and my craving of sugar has vanished. Dr. Shekhar performs the most amazing deep tissue massage I’ve ever experienced, again putting heart and energy into the healing of the body. Thank you for getting me on the path to healing and good health. I look forward to continuing the healing journey with you. Namaste.” Valerie, PA

“Shekhar has the bedside manner of your best friend. He listens patiently with a cheerful demeanor while showing unusual enthusiasm in wanting to solve my problems. His Ayurvedic remedies have greatly improved my energy level, digestion process, and elimination process. I eagerly anticipate being his patient for years to come and feel truly grateful I have met him.” Vince, PA

“I am so relieved. My back feels so loose and at ease. No more achy-ness, or queasiness. Feels so good to not have that. Now I realize how tightly I’ve been holding it, my hips ached too, now that is gone. There is an ease in walking I’ve not had in a while. So many thanks for your treatment. My back is still wonderfully oily…I don’t want to shower that away tomorrow! You are a good son!!!!!!!!!!!!! Namaste,” Linnea, PA

“I wanted to let you know that I feel great since starting the herbs. I had a full period for the first time in 6 months and I have been going to the bathroom regularly in the mornings, also for the first time in my life!! My tongue is looking a bit cleaner. Thank you again so much for your help.” Laney, Hawaii

“I thank you so much for the care and treatment you gave to me this week as part of my Pancha Karma treatment. You have so much knowledge, which you are also so able to share with humor and wit. Your kind and caring disposition makes you an excellent doctor. I feel privileged to have a consultation with you. I know Kripalu and other guests are lucky to have you. I appreciate also your careful attention to my situation. Your ability to pick out that, I needed to calm my nervous system. That means perfect sense to me. I hope all goes well for you on your days and weeks ahead and that I won your path again. Many thanks…” Fran Henry, MA

“I enjoyed the massage and steam very much, my body was so relaxed afterward that it wouldn’t let my mind go too fast. Also, I did not experience any night sweats last night during sleep, it was wonderful.” Barbara, PA

“Thank you so much for your time and energy yesterday. It was very good to see you and I enjoyed our session very much. It was so generous of you to share your lunch with me and very much a surprise. Thank you for taking care of all of me! I know you said to take a bath with Epsom salts when I got home, but I took a shower instead. I felt so relaxed when I got out of the shower that I laid down on my bed on my back and fell asleep for 30 to 40 minutes. I never sleep on my back, ever! So, that’s how tired I was. I felt very invigorated and energized when I woke up and enjoyed the rest of my evening. I’m excited to keep going on this track. Thank you again for all of your support. I am feeling very encouraged about the path I’m on and about doing the work needed to stick to it.” Sandy, PA

“I am truly thankful for your accurate and competent medicines. My mom first time looked at a Doctor with faith and tried the medicines from yesterday! I massaged her shoulder and knees yesterday evening. She woke up without pain in her right arm for the first time in months! She had no side reactions (laxative effects/ dizziness/ abnormal feelings, etc) . I am very thankful to you and your knowledge to detect the problem of your patients. After a few days, we will call you to inform her progress. We are very happy to see the good results from the first day. I hope she gets well soon. Again, thank you very much Dr. Shekhar for your kind and special service to us. Specially thank you for the kind discount that you gave us. Wish you good luck for your future and for helping the communities. Have a nice day. Thanking you, yours truly,” Amee, PA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment. I appreciated the time that you took with me, as well as the kind and supportive words of encouragement and support as I released so much. You targeted directly the regions that needed the most help in a powerful, balanced, and nurturing fashion. Namaste.” Christy, NY

“I recently had a 12 day Pancha Karma experience that was set up and carried out by Dr. Shekhar. It was a very good experience because of the excellent care that I received. There were many positive things that happened and they happened because Dr. Shekhar was organized, diligent about answering questions and explaining things to me, and consistent about calling my home to see if I needed anything. Everything was handled in a kind and gentle manner. The treatments I received were done well. I loved the oil massages and new things that I got to try! Dr. Shekhar cooked lunch for me and each meal was delicious! It made me interested in his way of cooking and I will follow that up by attending one of his cooking classes. In the meantime, I’m experimenting at home. I notice some positive changes in my skin, my pulse is slower and I feel more peaceful, and, of course, the bowel movements/digestion seem to have improved.” – Cheryl, PA

“Dear Dr. Shekhar, I wanted to truly thank you for the time you took to administer the Panchakarma therapy this past June. I would have never thought an Ayurvedic Doctor of your qualifications and experience would be found in Eastern Pennsylvania. I have had numerous improvements in my health since the treatments concluded. The most pronounced and remarkable being in the quality of my sleep. I believe this to be related to the amazing Shirodhara therapy where the warm aromatic herbal oil slowly was drizzled on my forehead. During each session, I found myself melting into unconsciousness after just a few minutes. After a thorough discussion with you, I am convinced that Shirodhara is one of the quickest ways for a layperson to enter into a meditative state and/or change the brainwave patterns into the more relaxed Alpha/Theta state. In the west, this can be difficult. Even spending much time meditating cannot lead to the desired results, as the western mind can be like an unruly disobedient child, difficult to calm. I also believe the application of Shirodhara for people suffering from sleep problems and insomnia to having excellent potential- especially for those seeking a safe alternative from the dangerous and habit-forming synthetics. Dr. Shekhar, please continue with the great work you are doing. I look forward to seeing you in India in January. – Gabriel Lynch, PA

“It was very informative for someone with little knowledge of the subject.” Jenny Stout, Kutztown, PA

“Great information…a lot to think about.” Christina Candio, Allentown, PA

“Knowing the three types and those energies and how they are synchronized with the times of the day.” Padma Yadavalli, Marlboro, NJ

“The opportunity to smile and laugh. Your explanations were very easy to understand and also to want to practice.” Anna, Pennsylvania

“Easy presentation relates well with oriental medicine – love the knowledge of our connections in food/nature and body.” Ondrea Johnson, Bethlehem, PA

“Dr. Annambhotla’s personal experience applying Ayurvedic concepts in his life and that of his patients.” Anonymous

“Very informative, great Power point presentation.” Anonymous

“It was a thorough introduction to the overall concept of Ayurveda.” Molly Priest Finley, Pennsylvania

“It gave me a deeper knowledge of the Ayurvedic way.“L.M. Pennsylvania

“You are very knowledgeable. The presentation was clear and informative, and yet presenting style is very friendly and personable.” Anitra Lahiri, New Hope, PA

“Good general basic background information. Easy to understand a topic I only knew a little about. Gave me a lot to think about!” – R.M. Pennsylvania

“Your knowledge and company of everyone and life stage and how it is so true.” – S.B, Easton, PA

Reinforcement of self-care and awareness” – M.L. Bethlehem, PA

“Very informative, regarding when to eat, what to eat – about seasonal diet – makes sense. Discussion of different personalities – individual Rx.” – Jeannette Alsoi, Coopersburg, PA

“It is very fortunate for me to have found the Marma therapy course taught by an authentically trained Ayurvedic doctor within a drivable distance. Shekhar Annambhotla clearly displayed his vast experience in this science and presented the course in a manner where we could easily understand. The teaching wasn’t just limited to the course; he continued to guide and advise me in my studies after the course.” Vimala Upadhyayula, New York

“The Marma Therapy Course gave me an excellent opportunity to learn about the Marma points. Shekhar’s teaching style and format made this course an enjoyable experience. I am successfully using the knowledge I gained from the course in my work with clients. ” Neeraj Lal, Pennsylvania

“I want to thank you for the Marma Class. I am amazed that we walked out of a 2-day class being able to recite all 107 marmas from memory. What I appreciate about your classes is that you bring all the senses into the learning process from repeating the info to pointing to the parts on our bodies and others, to reading the info and to listening to stories that drive the material home. Your humor, stories, dedication to Ayurveda, and chai tea always help to make a long day fly by. When possible, I would take any class you offered! Best regards” Lisa Westerfield, Pennsylvania

“Shekhar’s Marma Therapy Workshop allowed me to learn the names and locations of all of the marma points. It has been a great foundation for understanding and using marma points therapeutically. I appreciated his genuine kindness and helpful guidance.” – Susanne Murtha, New York

“The Marma Point Therapy class taught by Shekhar was very educational. The Marma points were explained and demonstrated by Shekhar. The energy and physiology of each point were explained. The program was divided into two days. The 107 marma points were covered. Shekhar divided the marma points into areas such as head, extremities, trunk, and back. He gave us enough time to learn pronunciation, location, use, and massage technique. We were able to practice on each other as well as having Shekhar’s demonstration on each of us. I felt confident in practicing after taking this class. The booklet provided is a wonderful reference for incorporating marma point massage into my Ayurvedic practice. Shekhar is a wonderful teacher and ensures that his students understand the concepts and feel comfortable with the material presented.” – Suzanne Maio, New York

“It was another wonderful opportunity to learn from a real vaidya about this important branch of Ayurvedic medicine. I wish I could study with you much more often, my teacher and my friend.” Jim Conzo, MS, CNS, Nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, Lenox, MA

“Very comprehensive. The introduction was equally informative about many aspects of everyday life, conditions, and habits. How and why to change these was very illuminating, practical, and useful. Extraordinary workshop – so much more than I expected.” Linnea Jepsen, Wyomissing, PA

“I love the simple home remedies and benefits of spices.” Paula DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

“Dr. Shekhar is an excellent speaker, delivers the information in a very interesting way. Info is applicable to daily life.” Amy Mitchell, Reading, PA

“Course was full of useful information and presented very well. I would highly recommend this course.” Vicki Davenport, Bloomsburg, PA

“I enjoyed the anecdotal information and stories that highlighted the factual information about the herbs and spices.” Ginny Mazzei, PA

“Practical application of herbs.” Amy Morris, Bloomsburg, PA

“Ayurvedic Pulse Course – Very interesting. Nice personality – easy to understand” Janice Goldstein, Lenox, PA

“Ayurvedic Pulse Course – Small group size that allowed moments for questions and reflection on what was taught sharing the delicious meal to expose us to Ayurvedic principles, tastes, and spices.” Erin Follweiler, Orefield, PA

“Pulse Technique Course – Clear explanations, good slides, enthusiastic teaching style” – Arti Kumar, Redmond, WA

“Ayurvedic Pulse Course – Atmosphere of joyful learning, dedication to students and Ayurveda theory” – Lisa Bryan, Allentown, PA

“The setting – informal/friendly/comfortable environment – loved the tea/dates (Thank you). Liked the fact that we were able to ask questions – and have them answered! Knowledgeable instructor – presented in laymen terms.” Cathryn Ortiz, Wyomissing, PA

“I liked the whole course and would like to learn more. Am interested in taking the year course and getting a certificate.” Pamela Reeves, Reading, PA

“Loved the ideas for everyday application – a gentle approach.” Amy Morris, Bloomsburg, PA

“Overall very informative.” Anonymous, PA

“Information very interesting and new to me.” D.P., Bloomsburg, PA

“A wealth of practical ideas you can implement. Inspirational!” Ginny Mazzei, Benton, PA

“Course material was very interesting and well presented. I can’t wait to incorporate the information into my daily life!” Vicki Davenport, Bloomsburg, PA

“Learning about the Doshas and hearing of the times of day they are present and suggestions on a healthier way to eat, sleep and live.” S.P.D., PA

“The simplicity of knowledge presented, the categories.” Lynn Runge, Bloomsburg, PA

“Explanation of what Ayurveda means. It was a good introduction to a new way to think about a healthy lifestyle.” M.G., New Tripoli, PA

“Topic information clearly presented. Lots of information. I felt the information shared was relevant to my current life cycle. I came away with many suggestions to help my transitional stage of life. Great. Thanks.” K.A., Lenhartsville, PA

“Women’s Health workshop – I enjoyed the whole course. It was joyfully taught and I found it to be easily assimilated. Wonderful information to help clarify Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and remedies that are simple to add for Women’s health and longevity.” Paula DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

“Women’s Health workshop – It was a strong reinforcement and repetition to Swamini Mayatitananda’s Wise Earth School, which I went to early October. Encouraged me to deepen my commitment to myself and my Sadhana”. Julia Kay Dillman, West Chester, PA

“Women’s Health workshop – So Comprehensive.” – Linnea Jepsen, Wyomissing, PA

“Dr. Shekhar’s willingness to patiently explain what and why he was doing. The course was well thought out and organized.” – Chef, Boston, MA

“The fun and joy, good company – fascinating information. Ease of food preparation. I truly enjoy Shekhar’s light approach and sense of humor. The smells were wonderful and the taste even better.” – F.B.S., Reading, PA

“Enjoyed the informative explanations of how food affects the different doshas.” T.K. Knouse, Reading, PA

“Learning how to prepare the wonderful and delicious dishes. Eating wonderful foods. I found the class to be very inspiring to prepare Ayurvedic foods for my family. I also appreciated the suggestions to make the preparation of foods easier.” – Susan, Orefield, PA

“Very personal and friendly. Good food for the body and mind.” – B.G., Bethlehem, PA

“I enjoyed the food preparation, conversation, delicious smells, and interesting tastes. My love of Indian food is heightened once again by learning how to make some of these things. I liked watching the preparation since I cook nearly daily.” – S.E.M., Bethlehem, PA

“Informal, friendly atmosphere, great food, very informative. It loved it all!” Amy Morris, Bloomsburg, PA

“Learning healthier ways to eat and a new perspective on foods.” – L.M., Ringwood, NJ

“Casual, friendliness, no rigidity, the class flowed nicely.”Andrew DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

“Cooking class participation, I also was very impressed with Shekhar’s knowledge of Ayurveda. I just really want to learn more!” C.P., Downingtown, PA

“I feel comfortable with you and your explanations. I am comfortable to ask questions.” B. K., West Chester, PA

“Love the presentation filled with knowledge but presented in a simple way. It helps me to realize that cooking can be joyful and simple and can aspire to have wonderful health. Thank you for opening a new door for me” Charo Cabello, West Chester, PA

“I liked the hands-on preparing meals with the group. I love the information Shekhar is willing to share. The theory is always wonderful and easy to assimilate.” Paula DiGregorio, West Chester, PA

“Cooking presentation was fantastic! The presentation was very informative.” Penny Williams, Millington, PA

“Hands-on + community of small group setting. Very integrated learning with moments of laughing, cooking, eating and sharing. Shekhar’s energ-ee or ener-ghee – so beautiful to be around.” Padmasri, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“I very much liked the hands-on cooking and seeing how doable Ayurvedic knowledge is to bring into my life. Like Yoga I can imagine gently introducing the Ayurvedic practices in my lifestyle for the rest of my days.” Julia Dillman, West Chester, PA

“Loved the recipes, loved the explanations given for ingredients used in each dish, especially if it had medicinal value, instructor’s enthusiasm and love for healthy living is infectious – makes you want to work at it.” Anonymous, Madison, NJ

“The food went well together and gave me a feeling of energy! The recipes to take home.” Kelly Halverson, PA

“Interesting combination and tasty” L.K.Z, PA

“I was very pleased with the simplicity of the recipes. Ingredients used are healthy, easy to find, and cost-efficient. Dishes were not time-consuming.” K. Z. Bethlehem, PA

“In the past, I have been intimidated by my Indian cookbooks. Your cooking class gave me the opportunity to “make friends” with new textures, tastes, and spices. I learned that Indian cooking can be fast, simple and fun & Delicious! “Zing!” ” Lori Ziegler, Plymouth Meeting, PA

“Eating & Learning with hands-on experience.” Erin Follweiler, Orefield, PA

“Thank you for putting together the booklet with the recipes and room to write notes. The class was fantastic and the food delicious. It was beneficial to see you go through the cooking steps and for us to also participate.” Valerie Morton, New Tripoli, PA

“Delicious and delightful! My body feels relaxed and nourished. The mind has been fed good information.” Lisa Bryan, Allentown, PA

“Hands-on demonstration/tasting, greater awareness about the Ayurveda health benefits to cooking/eating.” Marian Bressner, Allentown, PA

“Good information, Good flavors, Good company.” Carol Iannantuono, PA

“Demonstration and giving us a hand at cooking our own pancake; the food!” Kelly Halverson, PA

“Cheerfulness of presenter, learning about Ayurvedic food preparation, size of the group, delicious food, an atmosphere of cheerful and positive regard for students.” Vincent Morello, Phoenixville, PA

“Pleasant, enjoyable, humorous attitude while you were teaching us how to cook in a healthy way.” P.M., Phoenixville, PA

“Interaction between students and teacher, opportunity to learn food yoga in a relaxing, joyful environment.” Lisa Bryan, Allentown, PA

“The eating together at the end! The explanation of the food’s properties as applied to your health.” K.C., Allentown, PA

“He is the best. I liked the simple approach to cooking. Food was wonderful!” Mary, Milford, NJ

“The food was delicious and seemed easy to prepare.” K.H., Bethlehem, PA

“The presentation was very personable and easy to follow. I enjoyed the food tremendously. Thank you very much for the chance to participate. It was an excellent workshop. Keep up the great work.” Christopher A. Krause, Allentown, PA

“Hands-on experience, easy to follow along with recipes printed. I was able to take notes. The meal at the end was the best.” – Judy M. Wolfe, PA

“Presentation was magnificent. The food was excellent. The other people were a delight.” – D.M.W., Newton Square, PA

“It has been an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla as my externship supervisor. Dr. Shekhar’s extensive knowledge and practical experience of Ayurveda, as well as current issues in conventional medicine, have been invaluable in helping me to create effective recommendations for my externship clients. I especially appreciate Dr. Shekhar’s understanding of diverse cultures. My clients represent a significant cross-section of the many ethnic cultures living here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Shekhar could quickly understand some of the cultural lifestyle constraints that would occasionally come up and helped me to find the appropriate solutions for my clients to apply Ayurveda to their lives while staying true to their own backgrounds. Sincerely, ” – Suzanna Sarasvati, Mount Madonna Institute, College of Ayurveda Class of 2008-2009

“Recently I had the pleasure of being a student of Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute under the tutorship of Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla. Not only were his lectures and teaching style friendly, informative and full of experiential knowledge, but Dr Shekhar also made good on his promises to continue our education process by being available to answer questions and requests long after our classes were completed. This accessibility has made him one of our favorite teachers and is a remarkable testament to his dedication toward spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda in the West.” – Raven Jones, Mt. Madonna College of Ayurveda, Watsonville, California

“Dear. Dr. Shekhar, I wish to express my gratitude and joy at having you as my supervisor during my internship program. It has been a great pleasure to have your knowledge and expertise in a one on one setting. You have provided me with a deeper understanding of the study of Ayurveda, challenging me to consider many aspects of client consultation, and helping me to develop & construct a well-rounded assessment. You recognize and readily praise my strengths yet equally steer my weaknesses in the right direction. I feel prompted to expand and grow confident in my own knowledge and awareness. Your teaching style is both professional yet approachable. It is clear that you have unlimited enthusiasm for supporting the students. I’m happy that Mount Madonna is able to count you as faculty and I know that your contribution is an asset to the program.” – Kalena O’Meally, CPFT , Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, California

“Dr. Shekhar is my advisor for my externship. I very much look forward to my calls with Dr. Shekhar. I appreciate his strong intuitive sense while advising me on my client’s health plans. Dr. Shekhar has illuminating perspectives and his enthusiastic attitude makes him very approachable. Overall, I had a very positive & professional experience in which I was encouraged to be well-rounded in my approach to treating clients. I was acknowledged for my strengths and encouraged to build in areas overlooked. Thank you, Dr. Shekhar, for your time and support! Sincerely,” – Diana de Piñeres, Mount Madonna Institute’s College of Ayurveda, San Francisco, CA

“Dear Dr. Shekhar, I want to thank you for giving me so much support with my initial consultations for externship clients. The feedback you gave was great. With each client, we discussed I learned new things and saw how you honed in on what was really key to making a program which will work for the client. I appreciate the practical perspective you bring to this task and the little suggestions that really help make the program customized and appropriate to the client. I feel confident I can give the program to the client and have them feel excited about their lifestyle changes and have them gain a new understanding of how they are impacting their own health with certain habits and how the environment can be changed to create more support for them. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in the clients and what the follow-ups will be like.” – Christine Tykeson, LMT, Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, California

“Dear Dr. Shekhar – Thank You! So much for all your time and attention during the internship program. I found my consultations with you to be so informative. Your ability to help guide me to find the root source of imbalance with my clients was so effective. You explained so clearly how to communicate and navigate challenging subjects with my clients. Your patience, knowledge & experience have been an invaluable asset in my journey to being an effective Ayurvedic practitioner. Thank You Deeply and Sincerely,” – Pilar Chandler HHP, LMT, Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, California

“Dear Dr. Shekhar ~ Thank you for your guidance and wealth of knowledge that you shared during this internship. I really appreciate how dedicated you were to be available to us at any time of the day and your enthusiasm throughout this process! Your mentorship has greatly prepared me to begin my Ayurvedic practice. Namaste.” – Danielle Knight, Mount Madonna Institute – College of Ayurveda, Santa Cruz, California

“During my time at MMI, I had the unique opportunity to learn from an Ayurvedic master, Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla. Although Dr. Shekhar began as my supervisor for our internship and externship program, his time and efforts extended beyond, to prove him a dedicated and amazing mentor. Dr.Shekhar’s door is always open for ayurvedic advice and his friendly demeanor, cheerful smile and loving heart extends to each of his students and his patients. He has the patience of a saint and teaches you not only to treat a patient but to care for the person and to listen to your inner wisdom. I greatly appreciate all of Dr. Shekhar’s expertise, time and talent in guiding me throughout my clinical training at MMI. I look forward to further learning from Dr. Shekhar on his incredible clinical internship in India in 2010. I am blessed to have him as a mentor and a friend. Namaste,” – Julie A. Cerrato, PhD, CYT, AP, CAT, Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda, California


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