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Self Massage Technique (Abhyanga)

Woman enjoying self massage in sauna

PROCEDURE The self-massage only takes about 10-15 minutes. If you feel you don’t have that much time, you can start out just doing your head and your feet, which should only take about 3-4 minutes. Place a bottle of massage oil into a container of hot water to warm it. Lie quietly and breathe deeply […]

Sarvanga Swedana – Steam Sauna

Heater in sauna with hot stones among steam

A powerful new system for stress reduction and a healthier body! BENEFITS*: * Stimulate blood circulation* Improve sleep* Increase metabolism* Heal colds and prevent gas* Relax tired muscles and joints * Prevent heart disease * Eliminate fatigue* Provide a cardiovascular workout * Cleanse and nourish pores * Add radiance to your skin* Help condition your […]

Non-Pharmacological Techniques For Vata Imbalance

Skinny woman is hiking by the wooden path in the middle of lush pine forest.

FAVOR Calming aromas such as lavender, neroli, bergamot, geranium and orange essential oils. Cultivate quiet, peace, and self-love. Defusing unwarranted fears and anxieties. Gentile exercise such as walking, yoga, tai chi etc., Moderate use of saunas, steam baths and hot tubs if possible weekly once or twice. Regular morning and evening meditation. Regular warm, gentle, […]

Non-Pharmacological Techniques For Pitta Imbalance

Elegant redheaded female resting in beauty clinic

FAVOR Cool and quiet environments Soft music, especially wind instruments Use of cooling colors including green, blue and white. Placement of fresh flowers in the home. Walking or sitting outdoors at night; looking at the moon. Using turmeric, fennel, dill and coriander but not other spices in excessive amounts. Cooling aromas: sandalwood, rose, gardenia, lotus, […]

Non Pharmacological Techniques For Kapha Imbalance

Obese smiling girl during meditation in gym

FAVOR Changing one’s routine from time to time. Exposure to stimulating colors including: red, gold, yellow, orange and purple. Fasting Hiking in the mountains, jogging, mountain biking Light penetrating aromas including: eucalyptus, sage, cedar, myrrh, camphor, peppermint, and rosemary. Massage the body regularly with appropriate oils and powders. Moderate exposure to wind. Outdoor activities in […]

Influence of Circadian Rhythms on Health According to Ayurvedic Medicine

Sleeping in a hammock

Ayurveda, the science of life, places a primary focus on the importance of circadian rhythms in one’s individual health and wellness. It is essential to maintain one’s health; one must follow the circadian rhythms in day-to-day life. As the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, rightly said: “The natural force within each of us is the […]

GARSHANA (Self Dry Massage)

Dry Ayurvedic Back Massage with Garshana Silk Gloves

Garshana is a dry massage done with raw silk gloves, mittens, or a loofa sponge. All of these items are slightly rough in texture. The massage requires only 3-5 minutes and is best done just before doing your daily oil massage and morning shower or bath. Always remember to use vigorous strokes as much as […]

Ayurvedic Lunch Box

Healthy lunch to go packed in lunch box

People who want to enjoy healthy lunch at work to avoid restaurants and cafeterias. This Ayurvedic lunch box provides sufficient amount of proteins, fiber, vitamins, fats, fresh vegetables, digestive spices for maintaining good health. You can modify the recipe according to your taste with different fresh vegetables and spices.  Everyday you can enjoy new taste […]

Analyze Your Mental Constitution (Manas Prakriti)

Black woman training body and mind meditating

Do this questionnaire to analyze your state of mind. Please circle which is applicable to your mental constitution.  Add up the number of each quality and give yourself a score. Ayurveda aims at moving the mind from Tamas to Rajas and then to Sattva. That is from an ignorant physical state, to one of vitality […]

Seven Steps For Optimum Health


Heal your body as a whole Do not isolate your symptoms. Every system and every organ in your body works together as a whole. We must maintain health in all the systems, working together efficiently, in order to experience optimum health. Support the 7 avenues of elimination Open up the 7 avenues of elimination – […]

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